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Hi I’m Laura

I am a trainee 3D Modeller at Urban 3D. I also study Art, Business and Coaching.

How I help our clients

At present I am mainly involved in the production of 3D props that we use in our 3D scenes. The company has an extensive library of assets that our clients can use and I spend my days making sure our library is kept up to speed with current design trends.

My speciality

Quite often creative people by nature don’t have good business skills and the reverse is true also. For this reason I choose to study both business and art and in a few years time I am hoping to bridge the gap between these two disciplines.

What I love about my work

The pace of a study based project and a commercial project is a world apart. It’s the lightening pace at which the unified team works that blows my mind. Within a few hours the team will have produced something that could take several months in a study environment.

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