3D Modelling

Texture Creation

Composition & Lighting

Hi I’m Matt

I’m a 3D Artist here at Urban 3D.

What I Do

Depending on the nature of the project I will work in different areas, ranging from initial research and conceptualisation through to effects and final touches.

How I Help Our Clients

With information provided by the client I can help bring their vision to life using my skills within CGI, Graphic Design and Animation. I’ve also been known to offer an alternative means of thinking. I can approach a project from a different perspective and create a more effective result than the client thought possible.

My Speciality

At Urban 3D I take care of the majority of animation projects, both 2D and 3D, so if it moves I’m most likely involved. I’m also rather particular about techniques used within the CGI department, and on occasion take on a quality control type of role in order to ensure the final product is as accurate as possible to the client’s expectations and needs.

What I Love About My Work

Being part of a solid and optimistic team who all share a passion for creativity means work is never dull or uninspiring. Every new project brings with it new challenges so I’m constantly learning and improving my techniques to respond effectively, and the motivation provided by the team is a great help in getting the job done.

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