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Culmore Square VVM

How to Create Visually Verified Montages

By 3D Visualisation, Architecture, Creative Process, Photography

1. Overview – What are Visually Verified Montages?
“V.V.M’s are a fusion between 3d Computer Generated Imagery and Real Life Photography. True to real-world Scale and position, 3d models of buildings are placed accurately within their environment to produce an image for planning or marketing purposes.
Here at Urban 3D, we use an applied and tested method to ensure technical accuracy, and we adhere to the guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (second edition).
V.V.M’s can carry much more weight than standard Photomontage images, as they are carried out using exacting surveying methods, and are endorsed by an Urban 3D methodology report. Urban 3D has worked with architects and developers for over a decade to produce images that do more than satisfy rigorous technical standards. We strive to create images that communicate the benefits and charm of each individual property.

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