Finance Management



Room Styling

Hi I’m Ciara

I am the Finance Manager at Urban 3D. After a 12-year career working in management roles for various retail outlets within the Arcadia Group, I decided a new challenge and a change of scenery was required. I completed a Diploma in Book-Keeping then had private tuition on Sage & Accounting and went from there.

How I help our clients

First and foremost I make sure our clients are billed correctly and honestly as per the initial agreement set out with them. If that agreement changes for any reason during the life span of a project I make sure they are the first to know before we proceed any further. As some projects are quite complex I ensure our invoices always provide a high degree of clarity.

My speciality

In short, I keep the creative people in check. Whilst we love what we do, we are a business and we need to make sensible commercial decisions that offer our clients value for money whilst keeping the lights on at the same time. I also have an interest in room styling and have completed 2 different courses on interior design & styling. As a break from number crunching I also spend about 30% of my time helping the production team design and style the room sets.

What I love about my work

From a purely business standpoint I love exceeding our company objectives as a result of months of hard graft by the production team and pinpoint financial planning by the management team. On a personal level I love the amazing studio space we work in and the dedication, openness and friendliness shown on a daily basis by each and every team member even when under extreme levels of pressure and stress.

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