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Making a 3D Property Visualisation

The Process of Modelling, Compositing, Rendering And Landscaping A 3D Property Visualisation

1. Model
Based on the architectural plans we create a highly accurate, highly detailed 3D model of the proposal both in terms of the building and environment / site.

2. Composition
We then add a virtual camera to the scene and explore different camera positions to determine the optimum vista, also known as a composition.

3. Rendering
Now we add photo-real lighting, textures, shaders and materials.

4. Landscaping
Hey presto – hard and soft landscape elements are added and the entire scheme comes together seamlessly.

At Urban3D we have been creating 3D visualisations for over 20 years. Our portfolio ranges from large-scale commercial property developments to single private luxury residential.

If you have an upcoming venture that requires 3D visualisations we’d love to hear from you.

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