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The Wolf of Kensington artwork was conceptualised by our MD Paul and 3D Artist’s Katie and Damian. It took our full in-house team almost an entire year, from start to finish, to produce the collection of 9961 generative art pieces.

“I have always been fascinated with the mythical symbolism of wolves, representing both aggression and destruction on one hand, balanced by loyalty, wisdom and bravery on the other.

Intrigued by how they assemble their packs in a tribe like manner, protecting their vulnerable whilst diligently respecting a chain of command, I draw parallels with how similar this behaviour is to early human tribes.

It was this fascination, paired with a jovial love of Anthropomorphic Art (the attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities), particularly humanoid animal art. In addition to this, I was also captivated by the diversity of multicultural styles across the last four decades. This fusion of genres inspired the first creative sparks of what we now know and love, TWOK. An art collection of humanoid cyberpunks, fashionistas, spice-boys and feral warrior wolf-people.”

Paul Doherty (MD Urban3D)

The Wolf Of Kensington NFT’s

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