PC Repairs



Hi I’m Paul from Bios Computer Services.

I am Urban 3D’s IT Partner

How do I help our clients?

Information Technology (IT) is critical to every business these days but none more so than an Animation & 3D Studio. The sheer processing power the company needs to churn out HD animation & still images exceeding 10,000 pixels in a timely fashion is huge.  I make sure the teams equipment is robust enough to withstand 24/7 abuse and this ensures their clients always get their artwork on or before the agreed deadline.

My speciality

The ability to provide the team with economic IT solutions & repurposing old work stations as part of the company’s render farm.

What I love about my job

In a nutshell I enjoy problem solving. The IT industry moves so quickly that there is a never ending requirement to upgrade, which keeps me on my toes!

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