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Hi, I’m Steven

I am a 3D artist. I have been with the team here at urban 3D for the past 2 years. My job consists of creating CGI models of interiors, exteriors and furniture. Models can vary from beds and clothing, to doors and windows.

How I help our clients

I help clients get the most out of their product CGI. I go to great lengths to ensure CGI models look like the real thing, with the highest degree of accuracy and attention to detail. Detail is key when it comes to modelling, whether it’s a product, interior or exterior space.

My speciality

3D modelling of course, and especially the modelling of soft furnishings like beds, clothing, pillows etc. Soft furnishing CGI’s are a step up from your average 3D models as they consist of high detail work in a variety of 3D program. The devil is definitely in the detail, as the saying goes.

What I love about my work

Be it designing a product or an exterior to scale, seeing your hard work finished in a brochure or on a website is hugely rewarding.

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