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Verified Views – The South Docklands, Cork

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Verified Views

Verified views are highly accurate photomontages that have been created using a methodology that is compliant with the Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, third edition.

A verified view is a photograph captured at a specific recorded location and merged with a highly accurate 3D model of the proposed scheme and existing survey data of fixed structures within the photograph. The result is a verified photomontage showing the proposal in context with the existing environment, which can then be used to assess the visual impact of a proposed scheme or development. They have become central to the Irish & UK planning system.


Photomontage uses real-life architectural photography and combines that image with a 3D computer-generated model.  Allowing you to see the proposed building set within its chosen location.

These result in lifelike images that engage with the viewer, communicate context and are widely used for planning submissions, promotion and press releases.

These are very useful for architects, clients, planning authorities and potential buyers as they get the opportunity to see the development in a photographic context.

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Verified views eliminate the guesswork and artistic interpretation associated with photomontages. Using rigorous methodologies set out by the Landscape Institute and London Framework, the results give the actual impression of scale and magnitude of a proposed scheme or development.

Verified Views are typically requested as part of the planning application process. This can come at various stages, from pre-application to later when discussions open with the local planning authority. They must be open to expert scrutiny, especially if used in the likes of a public enquiry. Accuracy and care must always be taken, in combination with the most up-to-date industry tools, to avoid any errors.

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