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The Benefits of Virtual Tours

Have a commercial property you are trying to sell or let?

Why Choose Virtual Tours:

◾ Helps your space stand out.
◾ Makes it easier for would-be buyers to picture themselves in the space.
◾ Is a great way to define usable space
◾ Allows you to present a property as it could be.
◾ Doesn’t require a large physical effort or moving stuff in or out of a unit.
◾ Can be viewed by more people online faster- speeding up the sales process.
◾ Costs just a fraction of what you’d spend on actual, physical staging.

Our photographers take photos of your vacant spaces and “virtually” transform the unit’s decor to create a more welcoming impression and create a real-life walkthrough tour that can be viewed from.

At Urban3D we have been providing virtual tours, walkthroughs and CGI’s for new build and resale properties for over 20 years. Our portfolio ranges from large-scale commercial property developments to single private luxury residential.

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