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Our People

Next year we celebrate 20 years in business and what a rollercoaster of a ride it has been. We beat off a credit-crunching recession with a big stick, overcame a baffling Brexit, and let’s not even talk about the C word that followed.

Still here 20 years on, stronger than ever, our team comprises an incredible collection of artists, designers & marketers. We embrace innovation, like challenges, and we love clients who push us to the extreme edge of our capability, for it is in that daily discomfort that we grow.

If you have a project in mind and you want a team that doesn’t mess about, you know what to do.

Founder & Managing Director


Paul is a qualified Architectural Technologist who completed his Honours Degree at Sheffield Hallam University.  He worked in private architectural practice for five years prior to setting up Urban3D.

Paul leads the overall creative team from Designers to Copywriters, Photographers, Illustrators, and 3D Artists.  He works closely with our clients to understand their brand direction and business objectives. He interprets and communicates the client’s brief and ensures each project is delivered on-brand, on time and within budget.

In addition to Creative Direction, Paul spends much of his time developing and refining the company’s production and management processes. He is on a mission to remove as much workplace-related stress as possible, which he refers to as friction, and envisions a studio where creatives can relax and enjoy their work, unencumbered by archaic management styles, with the by-product of that environment being world-class creative work.

Going forward Paul has made significant progress in opening up new opportunities and expanding the business within the Web3 space and has plans to embark on several metaverse projects over the coming year.

Paul is also a strong advocate for nature as a miraculous remedy for improving our mental and physical well-being.

Production Director


Garry studied at the University of Ulster and is qualified in Design Communication. He joined the Urban 3D team in 2006.

Garry has been the driving force of Urban 3D’s technology and has expanded their resource capability, and subsequently, the company’s reach within the manufacturing industries, mainly KBB.

Never shy of emerging technologies, Garry’s determination and passion for innovation has brought about an array of new services over the years pushing the company well outside their comfort zone and moving swiftly from their humble beginnings where they offered still CG images to much more engaging 3D Animation, Live footage merged with CGI (green screen), to TV Adverts, and more recently 360 VR tours, Object VR and their latest quest for evolution, Unreal Engine.

Garry is an outdoor enthusiast who can be found on some random mountaintop every Sunday morning.

Business Director


Ciara is a seasoned business manager and handles the day-to-day running of Urban3D. A passionate and self-driven director, she diligently runs ”the business”, enabling Paul & Garry to focus on their respective fields of expertise.  She has been instrumental in the success of the company and could be referred to as the backbone of Urban3D.


Ciara is also a mother 5 times over, and whilst “me time” is a vague and distant memory these days, she truly loves raising a BIG family, and embraces all the mess and all the madness! She spends her weekends getting swept up in the beautiful chaos, that is family life.



Qualified in Computerised Accounts, Elaine keeps the books in good order.

With over 25 years of experience working for companies such as Ford, Elaine has developed rock-solid systems which streamline our administration, book-keeping and credit control processes.

Unusual for a numbers cruncher, Elaine is also very creative and has a little side hustle where she designs and prints large format banners.

In her spare time, she loves cycling and her weekly yoga classes.

Marketing Manager


Mark is a passionate marketing specialist with experience in business development and web design. His job is designing and implementing multiple marketing strategies and he strives to create relevant messaging that drives brand awareness.

His previous experience had been with international companies, such as Google and JTI and he is not afraid to get his hands dirty when required in other areas of the business.

In his spare time, he enjoys adventuring out with friends to local beaches, running up mountains, checking out the latest restaurants and bars, and as a melomaniac; finding new artists and tracks to listen to.

Graphic & Brand Designer


Niall runs the design department and is a dedicated and diligent creative with a passion and obsession for typography. He believes in design simplicity but underlying that simplistic style you can often find complex typographical styling systems at play. He believes good design should have a flow and structure and follow a set of pre-established rules for brand consistency across various channels and media.

Most weekends you’ll find him hiking, surfing or biking and is on an endless quest to find Ireland’s best pint of Guinness. He is a huge football and GAA fan and loves the atmosphere of live matches.

Lead 3D Artist


Michal studied Graphics and Digital Design, and Computer Games Development. He heads up the CGI department specialising in Exterior visualisation and 3D Animation. He has a serious eye for detail and constantly pushes the limits of what his team can achieve.

Michal is an advocate for self-development and encourages the team on a daily basis to grow, progress and develop. He identifies problem areas within the production workflow and offers solutions that improve what we do, how we go about it, and what we deliver, ultimately improving our service and value for our clients.

As 3D Art is a vocation for Michal, he will spend countless hours outside of work, finding ways to be better inside of work! When he finally drags himself away from the workstation he can be found on the mountains or hanging out with his friends and family.

One thing that remains consistent both in and outside the office is Michal’s love of music. He likes the heavy-hitting stuff!

Lead 3D Artist


Qualified in Interior Spatial Design, he leads our amazing team of 3D Artists. He assists the team from a technical and artistic standpoint and brings our client’s products and ideas to life using CGI.

Like many of his colleagues, he also loves the great outdoors, whether it’s hitting the hills and mountains of the north and south of Ireland or simply camping out in nature, whenever the Irish weather permits. Other than that, he spends some time training in the world of Brazilian jiujitsu, working off the office chair calories!

3D Artist


Attention to detail – that’s what Damian loves, whether that’s generally speaking about life itself, or architecturally speaking. He embraces the little imperfections that probably no one else notices, but they matter.


A self-proclaimed artist and a fisherman, with a noodle addiction. His day-to-day job involves the visualization of architecture and particularly excels at commercial interiors. He is also a Drone Pilot, Photographer, Videographer, and from time to time a Barista, if you are nice!

3D Artist


Katie has an honours degree in Design for Creative Practice and a post-grad on 3D Modelling for Games and Animation. Katie is an accomplished senior-level artist with an incredible eye for detail and tonality. Specialising in luxury homes, she can interpret an Architect’s CAD drawings and develop a vision for how to best represent their design. If the design is undeveloped and still at concept level, she fully understands design “intent” and can easily progress an idea or sketch to a fully visualised set of photo-real images.

Outside of work she spends most of her time wandering the beaches of Donegal with her dog watching the local herons. In the summer she enjoys kayaking and swimming in the sea. When the weather is bad she enjoys PC gaming and adores the Soulsboune series.

A lover of live music and a drummer in the making, she is currently knitting stuffed cats for a local craft fair, and also runs the Urban 3D film club.

3D Artist


Jaime is an accomplished Architectural Visualiser and is also our in-house mentor and trainer for our junior team. She is responsible for the development of the Urban 3D Academy, and has already developed a training method that can take our trainees from zero to hero, within a 12-month period.

In addition to this, Jaime is also leading the way with R&D of the Unreal Engine and the significance of that for the future of Urban3D’s metaverse quest.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing video games like the ‘God of War’ series and likes to try out different arts and crafts such as crochet and wood sculpting.

Trainee 3D Artist


Shay is the youngster of the Urban 3D family and brings a nice youthful energy to the studio. For such a young guy he is incredibly committed to establishing his career as a credible 3D Artist, and is making great progress.

He rolls the sleeves up and knuckles down, spending the majority of his time visualising residential schemes. Shay describes a three-part process for his architectural art.

1. Interpreting architectural drawings

2. Building a 3-dimensional model

3. Addition of light, colour and texture to deliver a photo-realistic CGI.

In his free time, outside of work, he likes to spend as much time as possible consuming and creating art, especially music, there is rarely a waking moment Shay doesn’t have his earphones in. He also owns a pet snake!

Set Designer & Trainee 3D Artist


Hannah graduated from The University of Ulster with a BA Honours in Architecture.

She applied her Architectural and Interior design skills at the very well-known Swedish retailer, Ikea.  Here she worked tirelessly planning and designing sets from concept to completion and was part of a team responsible for the beautiful room sets that can be explored in any of the Ikea stores.

At Ikea she honed her spatial skills, both in terms of spatial awareness and balance and believed with the right combination and weighting, these greatly influenced the overall form and function of the spaces, from a retail merchandising perspective.

In the studio Hannah is our in-house set designer and stylist and is also working her way through the Urban Academy to become a fully fledged 3D Artist. Outside the studio Hannah loves arts and crafts… and of course her little dog Milly.

Trainee 3D Artist


Karol is the latest member of the Urban3D team.  He is making incredible progress with his training and within the last few months, working closely with Damian has completed a large and complex  360 VR tour project.

He is meticulous in his approach to 3D modelling and that isn’t surprising with Michal being his main go-to mentor.

Karol is a qualified IT specialist and is currently studying Graphic Design.

Our Culture

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Our Commitment

Artistic Quality – Are we applying high levels of creativity to each and every project?

We aim to provide our clients with creative solutions to meet their business objectives.


Technical Quality – Is the work we are doing precise and true to the client’s product?

We assign the correct people to each project who have qualifications and/or experience in the required field.


Responsiveness – What is the typical time frame for simple things like an email response?

Our aim is to respond to each and every enquiry within a few hours.


Communication – Is it succinct, timely and professional?

All projects are assigned a Project Manager to ensure our communication is tip-top. We go to extreme lengths to make sure our clients are well-informed.


Helpfulness – Are we being helpful, adding value and accommodating our client’s needs?

We establish long-term business relationships and believe when our clients do well, we’ll do well, so are always here to help even if it falls outside of our remit.


Positivity – Are we fully engaged and enthused by the project, and is our vibe upbeat and positive?

We aim to bring good energy to all projects and instil a can-do attitude throughout our team.


Our Studio

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